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"Building Bridges"

At Central Mississippi Residential Center our vision is clear: Building Bridges. Bridges from hope to recovery, to overcome the stigma of mental illness and to span the gaps in services.


Our mission is to provide a seamless, integrated continuum of mental health services in a community setting, minimizing the need for hospitalization or long-term placement.

We are committed to an approach that is evidence-based, multi-faceted and person-centered. Providing services that are client-driven, recovery-based and rooted in the community; all while actively confronting the stigma of mental illness through community partnerships, by providing educational and/or prevention programs,

We believe that each person is capable of improving his/her level of functioning. Individuals have the right to live in the least restrictive setting appropriate to their needs. They have a right and responsibility to participate in their community and to be involved in personally meaningful activities (e.g., work, volunteering) which are essential and integral components of self esteem and realizing one’s potential. Emphasis should be on strengths, rather than on pathology; AND effective treatment encourages self-advocacy through assertive and proactive involvement in one’s own treatment.

Above all our core values are IntegrityTrustDedicationRespect and Growth.

Central Mississippi Residential Center (CMRC) is located in Newton, Mississippi on the site of the former “Clarke College”. CMRC is one of twelve (12) facilities operated by the Department of Mental Health​, and is accredited by the Joint Commmission.

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