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    CMRC provides a short-term group home and supported housing services designed to assist individuals with Serious Mental Illness in making the transition to independent living in a community setting. The Supervised Living Program provides services to forty-eight (48) adult men and women who reside in four group homes on the CMRC campus.  The Supported Living Program provides services to twenty-four (24) individuals that do not require close supervision, but benefit from moderate levels of on-going support and structure as they work to generalize the skills, routines, and positive behaviors they have acquired and to develop increased confidence in their ability to succeed in an independent living environment.  These individuals reside in twelve two-bedroom duplex apartments located on the east side of the CMRC campus.

    Individuals in both programs participate in various daily activities for self-care and care of the home environment that include housekeeping chores and meal preparation.  Psycho-educational and skills-training groups, case management, individual psychotherapy, and medication management are provided to address individual needs.  Individuals also receive assistance and encouragement to access resources in the community for employment, school / educational pursuits, outpatient treatment options available through other providers, volunteer work, vocational training programs, and other meaningful activities that will facilitate the achievement of their personal goals.

    Admission Criteria:

1.  Individuals must be eighteen (18) years of age or older;

2.  Individuals must have an active, primary diagnosis of a Serious Mental Illness (SMI), according to the criteria established by the Mississippi Department of Mental Health (DMH);

3.  Individuals must exhibit basic autonomy and skills needed to function within a group home environment that provides structure and support, but has varying levels of direct supervision;

4.  Individuals must exhibit adequate control over their behavior, have exhibited no aggressive behavior or homicidal ideation or threats for at least 2 weeks immediately prior to admission, have required no 1:1 observation, seclusion, or restraint for at least 2 weeks immediately prior to admission, and be judged not to be immediately dangerous to self or others;

5.   Individuals must be medically stable with no acute or chronic major medical conditions that are beyond the scope of medical care that can be provided within a group home environment;

6.   Individuals with co-occurring substance-use issues must have a period of at least 2 weeks of sobriety immediately prior to admission and express willingness and desire to maintain sobriety;

7    Individuals must be psychiatrically stable on current medications, with no additions, changes, or adjustments to psychotropic medications/ psychiatric treatment, for a minimum of 2 weeks immediately prior to admission;

8.   Individuals must have must have a period of at least 2 weeks without suicidal threats or behaviors immediately prior to admission;

9.   Individuals must exhibit the ability and willingness to manage self-care, and the potential for development of socialization and independent living skills for residing in a less restrictive environment;

10.  Individuals must express willingness to cooperate with medication and treatment recommendations;

11.  Individuals must express willingness to cooperate with facility and group home rules and guidelines and to participate in psycho-educational programming and daily activities to develop insight, knowledge, skills, routines, and habits that will facilitate recovery from mental illness and successful transition to more independent living settings.


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